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New DVSA Role – Authorised Examiner Consultant – AEC

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Is this how you look when carrying out your MOT Manager duties?

Would you rather look a lot more like this?

If so, then this is the solution to your problems.

The DVSA have made a big announcement that will save you time and hassle on your MOT compliance duties, leaving you free to complete the bigger tasks in your business.
Special Notice 03-19 explained the creation of a new MOT role – The Authorised Examiner Consultant – AEC

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DVSA has introduced a new consultant role in the MOT testing service. You can assign the authorised examiner consultant (AEC) role in the MOT testing service to consultants you use to provide advice on MOT standards and how to run your centre. Do this on the AE details page. This lets the consultant view:

  • test quality information
  • test logs
  • tester annual assessment certificates
  • site review outcomes

They cannot carry out any other actions, such as buying slots, starting tests or assign roles.

What you’ll gain with an AEC in place –

  • Time! Free up some of your very valuable time for bigger, more important duties that benefit the business
  • Peace of mind! At a minimum, the reporting part of your compliance duties is being taken care of
  • CDT will also keep you up to date with any changes in the MOT world

Need more convincing?

The DVSA want you to do this! They’re actively encouraging MOT Test Centres to take full advantage of this new role. It benefits everyone when you’re compliant. Having an AEC on board will show the DVSA that you are actively managing your MOT station and will go towards your green MOT station rating – that can only be a good thing.

CDT have a variety of packages to help you with your MOT compliance duties. Whether you’re in need of a helping hand or ready to say goodbye to your compliance fears completely and for a lot less cost than you probably imagine!

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